Equal Opportunity Policy

The following statement forms part of the Company Policy for Health, Safety and Welfare and complies with the Commission for Racial Equality’s Code of Practice for Employment, as approved by Parliament in 1983:

This Company is an equal opportunity employer. The aim of our policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the ground of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, sex & sexual orientation, marital status, religion or age, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable. Selection criteria and procedure will be frequently reviewed to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. All employees will be given equal opportunity and, where appropriate, special training, to progress within the organisation. The Company is committed to a programme of action to make this policy fully effective. As far as reasonably practicable job applicants and current employment will be monitored to ensure that recruitment and employment is solely based on suitability for the job and that, if appropriate, the workforce is in proportion to the ethnic diversity in the area providing that suitable candidates apply.

The satisfactory operation of our Equal Opportunity Policy is the responsibility of every employee within the Company but principally the Managing Director to whom all queries should be directed.

The following headings are an integral part of our Equal Opportunity Policy and the implementation of each section is the responsibility of the Managing Director with the complete co-operation of the other Directors who shall be fully aware of all current relevant legislation.

Recruitment & Promotion
Any vacancy will be filled, if possible, by promotion within the Company, taking into account experience, reliability, length of service and general suitability for a position of responsibility and trust. Vacancies not filled by Promotion. Promotion within the Company shall be made known to all employees. All applications for vacancies shall receive a copy of our Equal Opportunities Policy on request.

Grievance, Racial Discrimination, Harassment
Any employee who feels that he/she has any grievance for whatever reason, but especially racial discrimination or harassment of any kind, should make known his/her grievance to his/her Supervisor and if not satisfied with the action taken as a result of his/her complaint, shall inform the Managing Director, of the grievance. The Managing Director shall endeavour to rectify the situation at the earliest opportunity.

Any employee wishing to belong to any recognised Trade Union is free to do so provided that he/she agrees to comply with all the conditions of employment within the Company and that the Trade Union does nothing that would conflict with the wishes of the majority of the employees.

Recruitment Advertising
Job applicants will be informed of Company Policy on race relations. Job Recruitment applicants will be informed that the Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and shall receive a copy of this statement on request. All display advertisements shall include the following; “THIS COMPANY IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER”

Provision of Services
Where necessary to ensure that the services we provide are suitable for people or organisations with disabilities or from ethic minorities the company will make every effort to arrange for the provision of suitable facilities or arrangements to ensure that anyone in this situation is not unduly disadvantaged.

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